The ACCAV is a nonprofit association (French law 1901). She is registered in the prefecture of the Haute-Vienne.

Created in the late 80’s by a group of Vietnam War collectors and enthusiasts, the main goal of the association is still today to research, gather and preserve uniforms, equipments, weapons (in respect of the local legislation), to share knowledge about the era and of course Historical Reenactment or Living History.

Our reenactments cover the whole era of the American involvement in South Vietnam, from the early 60’s to the withdrawal of the last helicopters in April 1975.

We mainly represent infantrymen of the 25th Infantry Division, the famous « Tropic Lighting » and more particularly the Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment « Wolfhounds » as well as Rangers from F Company, 75th Infantry Regiment.

Every year, we are involved in several public and events where we have the opportunity to share our passion and knowledge of the Vietnam War with the public, and private events where we practice photo-reportage and reenactment in suitable environments with the most accuracy possible.

Strong with around fifteen members, the ACCAV counts members from several regions : Normandy, Bretagne, Lorraine, Centre and South of France.

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All weapons and ammunition appearing on the pictures are either neutralized according to French law, either reproductions.

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